EPiPHiNY is the symbol where all you will find in the SYNCPHANY menu began. 


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EPiPHiNY is a single symbol combining 5 symbols of the major, modern world’s religions, the ancient “Eye of Ra” & Phi; it represents Unity & Oneness. These symbols are described in numerical order according to visual correspondence, from zero.

0) Circle. Centered in the Udjat, the circle represents perfection & the sacred geometry of nature, as does Phi.
1) Green Crescent of Islam, left side of circle.
Green is the color of peace for Islam.
2) Yin Yang of Buddhism, a symbol of dualism, female & male, light & dark both inherent within each other.
3) The Om (AUM) of Hinduism. The arch on the right of the Om represents the waking state “ah”, the arch on the bottom represents the dreaming state “uu”,  the upper arch represents the unconscious or sleeping state   “mm” & the small arch is Maya = Illusion of separation (thingness). The dot or circle above Maya stands for “Shunia” which is zero & nothingness. Those last two are like Binary 0 & 1 & together can be called Lingam (form).
4) The Cross represents Christianity, death, resurrection & the Messiah.
5) Eye of Ra. The outer lines represent the Egyptian Udjat (the whole one) aka the eye of Ra, which is their illustration of the pineal gland. The spiral coming out of the eye has been conformed to 1.618, efectivly Phi in the eye. This spiral also represents the hypo-campus of the human brain, which extends from the third eye (pineal gland).
6) Six pointed yellow star, known as the Star of David.

Hidden Symbolism within EPiPHiNY:

1) On the cross symbol (#4), located on its vertical line, sit 4 stars .The bottom three stars  represent Orion’s Belt.The top white star represents Sirius. A fourth star is not illustrated where the top intersection is, becase it is, as of yet, unknown to the public.
2) Red arch Located on top of the circle; the bottom of this arch is formed by the upper horizontal line of the cross (#4) & Star of David (#6). The top is formed by the upper arch of the Om symbol (#3), the Crecent symbol number (#1) & upper arch of the Yin Yang (#2). It is red as it visually represents the rising sun and the birth of a new year, or Winter Solstice.
These stars perform an alignment durring the Winter Solstice,  one of the most revered time periods to all religions.

Some time after completing EPiPHiNY the artist was astonished to find that the arch connected to a vertical line beneath it, which resembles a mushroom shape, it is the same as the Egyptian hieroglyph for Solstice and two of them side by side, stand specifically for the Winter Solstice.
Artist states , “The mushroom represents the microcosm while the winter solstice alignment, of the same shape, represents the macrocosm of a shamans communication with the universe and shamanism is the historical root of all spiritual ideals.”
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