HEPNEN (Holliday for Every Person & New Era Nativity) Oriontation

Hep is the Kemetian word for solstice or turning.

Nen is Kemetian for Winter Solstice, or inactivity.

(Kemetian is ancient Egyptian).

They are here used together as an acronym,

Holliday for






It represents an alignment of stars that counts down and points to the annual rebirth of the sun, the actual new year, when the Sunrise begins to move north at “Christmas”.

Oriontation is a 10 point description of this amazing alignment.

1. High visibility.

This is an alignment involving 4 prominent celestial elements.

  • Orion’s Belt, the most prominent constellation.
  • Sirius, the brightest fixed star.
  • Tureis, a star at the tip of the stern on the largest constellation of all, Argo, the Ark.
  • The one and only creator/savior, Son of God, the Sun

2. A string of pearls on Gaia’s belt.

A Trinity of priceless pearls.

Orion’s belt is one of the two best known, most recognized constellations in each hemisphere. Three stars closely aligned in a row, so clear that it can’t be missed. In Kemet it was the Crown of Sah (aka Osiris), in Arabic the string or girdle of pearls. Its orientation and brightness demand attention.

A belt on a belt.

Orion’s belt rides the celestial equator, rising on the Eastern line and seting on the Western line. Orion’s belt is on the Eastern or Western line and the horizon from somewhere in the world at all times.

As these three stars rise, the uppermost star, Alnitak, aligns within 2° of the crosshairs of the eastern line and horizon and the western crosshairs at setting.

Durring the equinoxes, the sun follows the same path as Orion’s belt; again, rising on the Eastern line and setting on the Western.

This alignment demands human regard, yet who is aware that the god itself, Sol, Sah, our Sun aligns its path with the celestial equator riding belt constellation, which men once called the image & crown of the sun in the stars?


3. The #3 & Symbolism coincidence

The Hindu Aum 🕉 looks like a number 3. In fact the digit ‘3’ is Hindu, Sanscrit that is.. these two of four arches in the aum represent the 2 states of conscious awareness, waking and dreaming.

We happen to use variations of the same symbol to represent the number (3) of these stars, for East (E) and for West (W) and the sun is metaphorically dead for three days during the solstice, as the sun stands still. An annual traumatic event for primitive minds. Ancient man couldn’t ignore the winter solstice if he wanted to. Again the demand for attention!

4. The Myth of Jesus’ Nativity Veils The Actual New Year.

The exaultation of Jesus as “light of the world” shines so bright, it blots out the actual light of the world, the Sun. Even among Christians, it is well known that a historical Jesus would not have been born Dec 25th. Astrotheologists say that Jesus’ nativity is a metaphor for the winter solstice. They follow Early Christians pairing Orion’s belt up with with the Three Kings and consider Sirius as the Star of Bethlehem and Jesus birth, along with his death and resurrection, with the rebirth of the Sun, after its three day limbo (rising in the same place for 3 days on the horizon and moving northward for the first time of the year around 12/25 (Actual New Years day). This was common astrological mythology, myth referring to truth.

5. An i in the sky.

Incidentally the belt line of Orion is often called a staff or rod and it also aligns with the Brightest fixed star in the sky, Sirius, the dog star. Christians of old refered to the belt as the 3 Kings. It has also been seen as a staff. In Ballam’s 4th oracle (Numbers 24:17) A star and a staff rise as the signs of the coming messiah, the Son of God, Sun of God or Sun God.

EYE 3y3 i !

A modern subjective eye might see a star or a dot above a staff or a line as an “i” (eye), in the sky. And/Or perhaps an exclamation point for emphasis!

6. Sirius Yin Yang Dualism on a Double Helix.

Sirius is actually 2 stars (a binary system). A, massive and bright, the other, b, a dim dwarf.

Sirius A blots out Sirius b, just as the nativity of “God’s Son blots out the nativity of the Sun.

As binary stars orbit each other and travel through the galaxy, their paths create a double helix pattern and they can exchange mass, light becomes dark and dark becomes light. The name of this star in Kemet, was “sopdet”, meaning sharp point. Like an arrow for direction to…

7. The Ark’s Possession, The Door.

Following through the Sopdet point from the staff of Sah we come to Argo, the Ark (ship) in the sky. Specifically a star called Tureis, on the tip of the stern of this ship, is most directly in line. Tureis means possession in Arabic, bringing to mind Christmas gifts and santa clause, through the end of Ballam’s 4th Oracle, “red and hary shall be his possessions”. Tureis Greek name is Aspis meaning shield. The long shields of the Romans were called Thureos (¿Tureis?), meaning door. Many cultures from all periods have regarded the winter solstice as a gateway to and from other world(s), while red and harry Santa makes doors through space time, the 4th dimension. Meanwhile similar to Turais is Turiah, Hindu for the 4th state of consciousness, nothingness.

8. The Opening Of NEN’s Gate To The Resurection, Revolution, After Life.

During the Winter Solstice the Sun and Tureis POSSESS the same path (-23.5°) through the sky, rising and setting in the same places on the horizon for about 30 days. Around the world myths have made alegory of the winter solstice with a portal to the other side, even Sci-fi/fantacy flicks love using portals to alternate dimensions, like Star Gates…

9. Lock & Key

While the Sun is rising, Tureis (here labeled with it’s Greek designation, Rho Pup) is setting. They are synced to perfection, POSSESSING the rise and set locations of both on the horizon at the same time.

10. T Minus 3 to New Year’s rising.

By chronological order and count of stars,

Orion’s belt 3, Sirius 2, Tureis 1.

3.2..1… New year Sol Rise.

Its a cellestial countdown, written in stars, pointing to the actual new year, the portal through and alignment in time and space.

Like, share and create your own unique celebration. Lets start celebrating this real and amazing event in ways anyone can appreciate. A New Year solstice for all witing eyes to see.

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