The word ‘Syncphany’ is a portmanteau loaded with several component words in its prefix alone.

SYNC – This prefix is packed with root words that inform the meaning of Syncphany.

SYNC makes a great accronym as,





aka Synchronicity.

SYNC also gives us Syncretism- an important elliment in understanding the historic evolution of Man and His Symbols. Syncretism is simply the combination of former ideas to create new ones. Synchronicity is almost syncretism turned inside out, because syncretism is the normal cause and effect reproduction of ideas, while synchronicity is a percieved reflection of ideas in the meaning of symbolism naturally manifested in life’s events.

For most people, no matter how sober & reasonable or gullible and presumptuous, these moments have a strange, even eerie feel, and an awe factor for the faithful and the skeptic alike, exceptions noted, but its as common as default, yet more mysterious and meaningful.

Syncphany means to make no presumptions about reallity based on this strange phenomenon, but simply to celebrate the percieved existence of such a strange almost magical aspect of our experience.

On the question of wether synchronicity is a real thing, it should at least be noted that it often is referred to as miraculous evidence for any given faith’s God. Although they fail as evidence of any particular God, the pervasive record of such events is evidence that something is commonly percieved by man that most commonly fools one to believe radical fantacies. Ergo Syncphany’s art is a byproduct of the quest to discover and explain what is this phenomena they call so many things evidence for, if anything and of course what is it?

Finally, Synchrony- resonance in frequency. The frequency of one system matching in time with the frequency of another. Syncing metronome are a great example.

Just as in humor, it’s all about timing @ Syncphany.

2. Epiphany.
The level of numinous value of insight and perspective made available through this research often strikes the viewer as a sudden and sacred realization or epiphany, it is akin to revelation aka apocalypse, that which emerges from or is found within the proverbial rabit hole.

There are unnum-myriad (unnumbered myriad) dogmas and thus unnumyriad Epiphanies, contradictory and complimentary, to be found in unnumyriad rabid holes (dogmatic rabit holes). Rabid hole epiphanies, almost like assholes, everyone’s got one, making the ass end, the fanny of this word, a sync of its own, ‘phany’.

3. Symphony- A Syncphany is an artistic representation of unconscious symbolic syncretism; consisting of creative works from various sources (instruments) and gathered, arranged, constellated or orchestrated into a single harmonic piece of art. It is music metaphorically as the ideas and symbols are dancing in your mind and each piece sounds, is experienced differently by each viewer, its art.

3. Synoptic- While the end result is art, this is an all inclusive, unbiased, serious study of unconscious syncretism. An honest look at unintentional interconnectedness of ideas and symbolism from any and all sources, outside of dogma and presupposition.

Reason comes first. Openmindenes second and creativity third.

One observes the stories and facts dilligently taking them as they are and then allow free association to seek out similar patterns among otherwise dissassociated sources. It is allowing the brain’s natural patern seeking, gap filling predilection for apophenia and pareidolia, to reach into the dark corners of myth Legend, lore and even science and fish out new perspective on meaning and symbolism, life, history, self and reallity.

Syncphany is an attempt to replace religion with reason. Spirituality is what people who don’t know they are doing psychology (often badly), call psychology.

The concept of the popularly quoted line, “know thy self”, is taken to a whole new level here.

If ego is the conscious self, and super ego is the observation by ego of unconscious behavior, then Syncphany is a practice of collective super ego.

The targets are not exactly metaphoric or geometric unity, though that is the result. The targets are common by products. Accents and accessories that could have been done without, or who’s presence stains the canvas. A blemish, an error, an exaggeration, a false representation a missing piece. These things tend to be the nodes of a Syncphany, rather than the central ideas.

The impossible task put simply in three steps;

(“put simply”… as if…)

1. Document context of each independent “sync”, common use of symbol and or meaning among disparate sources, noting variations.

2. Document relationships between findings from number one. Share the every day high strangeness that results, especially with any novel understanding or perspective gained and/or secrets uncovered.

It is not a search for meaning that we undertake here. One need not search, for meaning is abundant. This is an exploration of meaning as it presents itself through associations and relationships between meanings and symbols.

Being that I cannot bring myself to pinch off my research and publish the content amassed to date in a “finis” book format; I have decided to blog it.

Major upside, All the benefits of free online info. IE unlimited images, videos, and links directly to sources and related sites.

Downside…… ???

Insert downside here; _______________.

Eventually this blog will expand into an independent site.
Ok, Obvious, right….

What you will see here…


At least one in each of the following categories per month until updated to the last of the current drafts on my hard drive.




1. Articles of short Sync threads, both current and historic with my commentary intent on developing deeper understanding.

2. Referbished Facebook posts.
(Until Now my work has only been available in part and pieces via the Book Group “Vigilants”.) Thanks to all members for your support. These will be reposted and often rewritten and/or redrafted.

3. NOTES from current research. Just so you can see what I am working on, when not part of other Syncphany content.

4. Original poem, song, or video (don’t hold your breath).


ICHTHYOS – On fish symbolism.

EPiPHiNi? – Explaining the SYNCPHANY logo, the i of EPiPHiNi.

HEPNEN – How the stars align for “Christmas”.

Syncphany Store – Various prints of your favorite SYNCPHANY art.


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