Syncphany is a pun on symphony; consisting of the components;

1. SYNC – Subjectively Yoked Numinous Coincidence; aka Synchronicity, Syncretism, Synchrony and the like.

2. Phany – Epiphany.
Sacred realization, revelation, apocalypse.

A Synoptic study of unconscious syncretism. An honest look at unintentional interconnectedness of ideas and symbolism. Reason comes first. Openmindenes second and creativity third.

This practice is akin to Carl Jung’s “active imagination”. One observes the stories and facts as they are to the best we can and then allows free association to seek out patterns among otherwise dissassociated sources. It is allowing the brain’s patern seeking, gap filling tendency towards apophenia and pareidolia to reach into the dark corners of myth Legend, lore and even science and fish out new perspective on meaning and symbolism, life, history, self and reallity.

Syncphany is my attempt to revive religion with reason.

The impossible task put simply in three steps;

(“put simply”… as if…)

1. Document context of each independent “sync”, noting variations.

2. Document relationships between findings from number one. Share the every day high strangeness that results, especially with any novel understanding or perspective gained and/or secrets uncovered.

It is not a search for meaning that we undertake here. One need not search, for meaning is abundant. This is an exploration of meaning as it presents itself through associations and relationships between meanings.

Being that I cannot bring myself to pinch off my research and publish the content amassed to date in a “finis” book format; I have decided to blog it.

Major upside, All the benefits of free online info. IE unlimited images, videos, and links directly to sources and related sites.

Downside…… ???

Insert downside here; _______________.

Eventually this blog will expand into an independent site.
Ok, Obvious, right….

What you will see here…


At least one in each of the following categories per month until updated to the last of the current drafts on my hard drive.




1. Articles of short Sync threads, both current and historic with my commentary intent on developing deeper understanding.

2. Referbished Facebook posts.
(Until Now my work has only been available in part and pieces via the Book Group “Vigilants”.) Thanks to all members for your support. These will be reposted and often rewritten and/or redrafted.

3. NOTES from current research. Just so you can see what I am working on, when not part of other Syncphany content.

4. Original poem, song, or video (don’t hold your breath).


Online now…

1. ALL ONE An incomplete yet vastly synoptic list of quotes from everywhere and everywhen, all contributing to the concept of Oneness.

2.0 The Syncphany Store is open for business. All the information I have to share is free. The only proffit I will make is from products purchased at the Syncphany Store.

Coming up…

2.1 well organized list of photo albums, where original Memes and symbols, & (Many (C) written) will be posted as they are covered in the blogs.


3. An Etymological dictionary to assist with relevant terms and phrases.

4. A Symbol Dictionary.

5. “Mepiphany”, An autobiography of my journey, learning, experiencing and writing about sync.

6. “A Synoptiglyphic Dictionary”, a dictionary of glyph’s will accumulate as glyphs are discussed in posts.

7. Once the majority of each chapter from “Epiphany” has been posted in the blog I will publish the entire chapter on a single page.

Apology to the rationally one sided reader.

This work is all subjective. It is not subject to the rules of science, nor do I claim it as a science. Though science is included.

What is presented here is very much an art, and no matter how unbiased I may think myself, I am certain my ego will throw a wrench in things somewhere. The nature of the work being subjective, all connections are in the mind and subject to the subject, that is the meaning.

Further discussion on the nature, etc, of this work will be forthcoming. Truth be known, I do not fully understand anything I am documenting. So my opinions will change as evidence is revealed. For now just be warned that events that are separate in time and space will be pared together in order to extract further meaning from events which have no connection, but in meaning and/or symbol.

The Catalyst, reason, basis, root, and foundation on which the practice of paring events separated by time, space, language, tradition and culture, is that All is truly one.

There are an infinite number of ways that man has written, illustrated, sung, and spoken this truth.

This practice is what appears to qualify me as a Synchromystic.

Call it what you will this is going to be a wild and exciting ride.

Now without further babble our first item of interest is the foundation for all that shall follow.


CLICK FOR All ONE. The message of oneness in a myriad of sources.

CLICK FOR ICTHYOS. Research into the fish symbol.

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