One ominous symbol is prominently brandished, yet lurks in the shadows cast by more popular symbolism of each of the worlds three most influential, monotheistic faiths. It has somehow gone largely unnoticed through the age. The trinity of Abrahmic faiths centers around the shape of a cube, the symbolic representation of space, or 3rd dimension, aka 3D. Although they employ the cube in various ways, the meaning behind and between them might just be coherently meaningful.

No, that’s not an image of the Islamic Kaba in Mecca, it’s the Christian Kingdom of Heaven. We begin with the end. The heavenly eternity they all strive for is described in the Christian book of “Revelations” as a cube.

Rev 21:16 The city is laid out as a square; its length is as great as its breadth. And he measured the city with the reed: twelve thousand furlongs. Its length, breadth, and height are equal.

The primary factor behind the perceived need for monotheistic dogma, throughout these three religions, is damnation. Damnation, which in it’s simplest and least offensive form, is a world absent the goodness of God or God “Himself”. This is the problem in a classic Hegelian Dialect, a problem-reaction-solution scenario. Damnation-Fear-Salvation. The imaginary threat of damnation drives the faithing masses to follow, like cattle the leaders of their respective species of faith. The result of which is perpetual animosity and hell on Earth, which is the closest concept to Hell in the Hebrew faith. This hell is life on Earth before their more political, war lord type messiah comes to save them, quite corporeally. They are Damned until the end, rather than damned or saved in the end.

Three Damning Religions, 3D religion. Damnation is separation from God. The cubical Christian “Kingdom of God” also has a wall around it.

Rev 21:17 Then he measured its wall: one hundred and forty-four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel.

The cube’s six sidedness being secretly sacred to each member in this trinity of religions, reflects the infamous number 666. The number of man and beast according to the New Testament has come to be a symbol for evil and Antichrist within the Jesus faith, though scripturally it is clearly the number of Man.

“This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.” -Revelations 13:18

While silently resonating damnation via this reference to three sixes, these three belief systems claim to be tools of salvation, protecting us from Hell. Like the ancient Greek Cerberus, a three headed beast of avarice, and guardian dog of the underworld, just as Inubis was god dog of the dead in Kemet.

Well the Merkaba, hexagram (another six) or star of David, a symbol associated with the Jews, is nothing less than a soul ship for astral/interdimensional travel, in Hebrew mysticism and elswhere. Looking through two corners of a cubes frame reveals the image of this six pointed star, a hexagram inside a hexagon.

A three dimensional cube folds out into a two dimensional cross, wich Christians use as an idol of worship for Jesus.

As alluded to at the top, Muslims circle round a cube of stone & curtains. Now usually empty, this veil through wich to worship Allah was a place for the worship of other idols in pre Islamic times.

The Hebrew bible depicts God as a myst hovering over or resting on an Ark. The Ark of the covenant, containing the Laws of Yaweh. Was the throne of Yahweh a box for God or god’s box… of what? Laws, mental and physical limitations for man.

Hebrews wear a cube, to represent said throne, on their foreheads in worship of Yaweh. A forehead box of laws, a box for heads?

They also wear one, the hand Tefillin, on the weaker arm’s bicep. The meaning of which is that they can not defeat their enemies without God.

Arq in Kemet was to contain, Barq to segregate or separate and Kemit used these words for the often cube like coffers, upon which they depicted their idols, and the boats they placed them on. Kemet gods, long before Israel, were on boxes.

What prescious treasure could all these gods be guarding in the box?

In contrast to the freedom of dimensional travel suggested by the Merkaba doctrine, Jesus speaks of the eternal cube city and “the Son of Man” coming to us, from above,

Matt 16:28 “Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.”

“In his kingdom”, a giant, cubical city.

Jesus put himself in a box here, in two ways. One, he is literally descending in the cubical heaven from the infinite heavens. Two, he limits the end times to within his own generation. How is this not an obvious, miserable failure?

Our three headed Cerberus guards souls from leaving the underworld and the Chinese symbol for prison is a square box, with a man in it. Our contemporary Jack, is in the box, – the dog god Inubis’ head is often seen specifically as a jackal, Jack Al/El-. El of course is an odd little girl from the 80s gifted with psychic powers.. and also happens to be the name of the Hebrew God before it decided to conveniently change its name to YAWE changehis head being enlarged, like the box on Hebrew heads, it is Jack’s thought that is emphasized, thought in a box. His thoughts are not his own, they are collective programming. This mysterious cube is a box for thought.

Should the good skeptic still be in doubt of the rather consistent meaning of the box, Star Trek’s Borg Collective seems very convenient.

From cradle to grave, every human system, orgonization, or ism seems to be indoctrinating faith into our minds via the word believe. While belief can be based on evidence or faith, when one is advised to believe without evidence present to justify reason for said belief, it is an irrational faith belief they are advocating.

Believe in God.
Believe in the universe.
Believe in yourself.
Even that which has evidence for reasonable belief, can be believed in by faith, if the evidence is not the base for the belief held.
Believe in evolution.
Believe in man made global cooling or warming or just change in general.

Many people are convinced by this all pervasive faith brainwashing, that one must “believe” in something.
If we have no choice, but to believe, then why would we need to be constantly bombarded with the suggestion that we believe?

Corporate department stores (“Big Box” companies) even sell lovely little wood carved affirmations that simply say “believe”. In what? Based on what? Why?

Beliefs based on reason do not develope because one was told to believe, but because of evident truths, facts and evidence. If reasonable belief is what was sought, then the word would be “reason” not “believe”.

Wether it’s Sunday school, music, public/private school, family or friends, the Borg or Disney, “pretend to know” is the message and it is violent road to mindless masses in opposition.

Does, “When you wish upon a star” sound more like, “You will be assimilated” yet? No? Well, consider how prayers to gods are so similar to wishes at wells and shooting stars.

An idol is an image that represents what one believes, by faith, to be the (or a) True God. Gods like any idealism or dogma in general, control thought through faith in the truth of them.

“Ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find, knock and the for will open.”

One cannot honestly seek truth if one has determined, by faith, one has already found it. If one cannot seek, how can one find?

As gravity holds Saturn’s rotation, it’s moons and
rings in orbit round it’s northern hexogon storm, so faith holds minds locked in orbit around it’s object.

Jack (man) is the source of the psychological energy, this law of faith persay. The object, the idol, is irrelavent. They are all psychological tools that only trigger what we are programed for. We use them to improve our lives individually, while our devotion is generally used to collectively destroy the lives at the whims of pedophies, cons, war profiteers, sychopaths and even genuinely honest, but misguided believing leaders of these faiths. Faith makes useful idiots.

The box and idol represent a narrow path or track for your thoughts, called faith. A box for thinking. An unprovable idea, like God, is nothing more than that. God is an idea, a thought.

An ark is a container, a prison whose bars are forged in the heat of faith meaning they are no stronger than curtains, the only thing keeping us behind them, is our will, better the lack there of. The apathy of content gorrillas in open cages are our self made prisons. The prisoner is thought. Faith, being a pretence to knowledge that arrests the ability to consider alternative thought. A mind unable to consider alternative thought, has no free thought.

How has this incessant desire to believe one knows, trumped the need to admit ignorance in order and seek to true knowledge?

Is it fear of the unknown, attachment to the familiar, tribal loyalty, peer pressure? Perhaps all of these.

Whatever the cause, in choosing answers short of reason, we are creating false maps of the world. A false map won’t lead to the destination, but perhaps by minute chance. It will however divide people.

To decide one knows the truth without evidence, Allying one’s self to an unseen, unknowable, silent monotheistic God, is to put alleged infinite being in a box, but more affectively it means apposing those who ally with any apparently foreign God concept.

It is no question that malevolent or benevolent, leaders of these faiths often lead faithing people to their doom. The Faithing masses are proudly herded like sheep. Faith makes useful idiots of otherwise intelligent people.

These otherwise intelligent people carry a virus of ignorance. They pass it on to anyone who will accept it. They oblige their children to be infected. This virus is called faith, and is represented by a box, a box for thought.

There is a cure. It is reason. It starts with admitting ignorance, and follows with fresh open skeptic eyes doing due diligence to achieve actual knowledge. Objective ruth cannot be determined subjectively, and faith is subjective; it is opinion, unjustifiably promoted to the status of truth.

As long as our idea of truth is based on opinion, we will divide only more. Dogma evolves, each generation slightly mutant from the last, each sibling in opposition to it’s own kind, all because of make believe.

Basing beliefs on reason means coming to much more similar conclusions. This works for all thinking, including morals.

The oppression of women and homosexuals, genital mutilation and slavery’s rein depended on Faith. Reason brought on emancipation and liberty for them all.

Faith is war, reason is peace.

Faith is intellectually dishonest.
Lying, especially to one’s self, is immoral, exceptions noted.
Faith is immoral.