“It’s time for a serious Diolog” -JAG

“We’re Late!” -Steffie

“I will reveal & confide, but you don’t want to know what Happened. You think you do, but you don’t.”    -Baba

-White Noise


East Palestine Above, HELP EAST PALESTINE HERE! Back To The Future III Below.

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This is a look at the content of recent US events & Big Film.

It is a response to various theories & accusations about patterns in WHITE NOISE!

A response to apophenia en mass. The “White Noise” – East Palestine Airborne Toxic Event phenomenon is not only the most recent, but one of, if not the most undeniably “uncanny” instances of synchronicity – predictive programing – life imitates art – perhaps coincidence.

Call it what you will, that is what you will anyhow; it seems to warrant an honest investigation. When it was still breaking news, mainstream networks aired the story of E. Palestine seemingly focused, certainly headlined with Ben Ratners personal experience; in both acting and living the same event. (Montage of mainstream media Ratner coverage coming.) It is begging for objective & critical inquiry.

This research is compiled in timeline form current events, book & movie release dates. Be warned, this is going to go much further than just one film and one event. We will be spreading White Noise out across the timeline as little as possible, but wherever necessary to illustrate parallels.

One may find much seemingly irrelevant major and minor events, & that they may be, the point here though is to avoid one of the most faithful pitfalls of apopheniacs, or any research; namely, counting the hits, but not the misses.

It takes a lot of intellectual savvy to honestly wrap one’s mind around webs such as these. It’s a lot. This is not for the board of reading, feel free to switch back to candy crush.

For those of you buckled in, thank you! please note anything interesting in comments, without assuming anything, thanx even more for that.

Fist stop on our time tracks the beginning of the last century, for now.

Now its time to Check confirmation bias at the, “ALL ABOARD! ”

1900 Aesop’s Poem, The Council Held by Rats

The Council of the Rats decided there is only one thing to do, but no brave rat stands “to bell the cat” The fear of death is too strong.

*11/13/1940 Fantasia

*1976 Ratner’s Star Written by Don Delillo

Ratner’s Star is an actual star, from which giant new satellite dish tech sent and received a message in this work of fiction. First setting is on a plane, but five pages in a flashback of the main character, Billy takes us to a childhood trauma in a train crash. And about 70 pages in, weather balloons.

Open photo

7/2/1982 The Secret of Nihm, Rat Council

1985 White Noise Book Written by Don Delillo

First some predictions from fiction fictional tabloids in the fiction book that we don’t get from the Film that may seem interesting in the context oof this story. Then some relevant details, also left out of the Film.

Babette reads predictions from the tabloids. {\/CLICK LINKS\/}

“Squadrons of UFOs will invade Disney World… …and Cape Canaveral. In a startling twist, the attack will be revealed as a demonstration of the folly of war, leading to a nuclear test-ban treaty between the U.S. and Russia.”

{The signing of a treaty could not be possible, as we had a treaty with Russia, until 3/21/2023, Putin Suspends New Start Treaty}

“The ghost of Elvis Presley will be seen taking lonely walks at dawn around Graceland, his musical mansion.”

“Bigfoot will appear dramatically at a campsite in the rugged and scenic Pacific Northwest. The hairy, upright man-beast, who stands eight feet tall and may be evolution’s missing link, will gently welcome tourists to gather aroundhim, revealing himself to be an apostle of peace.“

“UFOs will raise the lost city of Atlantis from its watery grave in the Caribbean by telekinetic means and the help of powerful cables with properties not known in earthlike materials. The result will be a ‘city of peace’ where money and passports are totally unknown.“

“The spirit of Lyndon B. Johnson will contact CBS executives to arrange an interview on live TV in order to defend itself against charges made in recent books.“

“Beatle assassin Mark David Chapman will legally change his name to John Lennon and begin a new career as a rock lyricist from his prison cell on murderer’s row.“

“Members of an air-crash cult will hijack a jumbo jet and crash it into the White House in an act of blind devotion to their mysterious and reclusive leader, known only as Uncle Bob. The President and First Lady will miraculously survive with minor cuts, according to close friends of the couple.“

“Dead multibillionaire Howard Hughes will mysteriously appear in the sky over Las Vegas.”

“Wonder drugs mass-produced aboard UFO pharmaceutical labs in the weightless environment of space will lead to cures for anxiety, obesity and mood swings.”

“From beyond the grave, dead living legend John Wayne will communicate telepathically with President Reagan to help frame U.S. foreign policy.“

Note for later that the Film invented its own radio broadcast directions from the radio in the first evacuation scene.

11/12/1985 Polar Express 32pg Picture Book by Chris Van Allsburg

1985 Back To The Future BTTF1 Predicts 911 Link explains it all.

      (Although if  @qrisvigil  receives 100 requests, There will be a blog that explains much more.)

8/12/1987 1:45pm INF Treaty Signed (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty)

1/6/1988 INF Effective

1989 BTTF2  ET & NUKES & Roger Rabit Link Establishes Vital Context.

Here, from White Noise, Mr. Gray’s scarred hand, delivers the proverbial white bunny. Steffie lost a toy & her dad, the Protagonist, JAG recovered it from a human stampede with the help of Mr, Gray, who will be introduced later. Speaking of late and white bunnies, as they were evacuating the first time, Stephie anounced straight to the camera, “Were Late”, as in, “OUTATIME” in Back to the Future.

Jolted awake the morning after evacuation, they were half asleep, evacuating the “SIMUVAC” evacuation center. In between states of consciousness, out of time, standing in a doorway through the fourth wall.

Careful scrutiny of the night terror scene in white noise will support the notion that Mr. Gray does in fact represent a higher intelligence; ET or other.

JAG wakes to find his wife missing & a stranger, Mr. Gray, in the room with him. This is the first time in the film, there is a glimpse of the ominous hand of M.r Gray. JAG reawakens to find his wife back in bed. Mr. Gray was supposed to be a real person, who JAG had not yet met, or heard of at this point.

Ergò, JAG could not have been dreaming, which means his wife was missing and as he said, “Someone was in the room with us”, although the us part is a bit off… Baba, JAGs wife, often experiences memory loss, perhaps even missing time, due to the pills she was getting from Mr. Gray. If this isn’t like an Alien abduction scene, what is?

1990 BTTF3 Robert Zemeckis

Part One Train High Jacking / Part Two Bridge Out

The Climactic train time travel scene of Back to the Future III begins with Doc and Marty hot on the tracks of the train they plot to “borrow”

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Doc jumps aboard the caboose #7 first, Marty close behind. After landing uncomfortably, Marty on Doc, They climb to the roof & hop from roof to roof toward Engine 131.

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 Doc Points a gun at the conductor & is asked if, “this a hold up?” His answer, “It’s a science experiment!”! They take over the engine and are off once again.

 Coming to a stop at a fork in the rail, Marty jumps out & throws a track switch. Doc forces the conductor to release the engine

from the other cars, & the passengers are left behind with the rail workers & the rest of the train cars. 

They park the Train behind the Delorian & Marty grabs the bundle of Train Rocket fuel that will speed the train to the required 88MH,

 These three cylindrical fuel logs are essentialy rocket stages 1, 2 & 3 stacked together, we get a glimpse, when Marty points them at us, of a familiar symbol.

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Shifting around three tires in the background, Doc makes clear the shapes we should be seeing; three circles. It is the Trademarked image of Disney, none other than the head of Mickey Mouse. 

Our time heroes put the engine in gear & start pushing the Delorian down the tracks.

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Enter Claira, Dr. Emmet Brown’s Time travel lover. Dark Truth (Doc) had previously altered the timeline to save Clearity (Claira)

from a runaway stagecoach death plunge, in the same ravine they now plan to Train dive & Time travel across in the Delorian. It’s that cliché lovers chase, where the one hesitates to leave their stable, but lonely life & pursue love into the wilderness of uncertain companionship.

. Graphical user interface

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Clarity, is late, but determined to unite with her love, Emmet Brown, the dark truth.

She kicks her horse into a gallop & is soon catching up, unbenounced to Doc.

She first reaches the tracks near a barn/tower, just after the train passes it. She then makes contact with the train just as the first fuel sell blows.

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A picture containing chart

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A screenshot of a video game

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The sudden acceleration sends her feet flying toonishly behind her.

A picture containing text, outdoor, smoke, steam

Description automatically generatedShe climbs aboard & up to the top, stumbling over the wood stack, where halfway across the second fuel cell blows & she is thrown on her arse. Flustered but determined, she finally reaches the engine’s cab, just as Doc has reached its front grill. She shouts the whole way to no avail, but finally…

Clara gets the idea to sound the train horn.

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He sees her just as they pass the windmill point of no return. This train is bound to swan dive. The final fuel cell blasts & Clara is knocked off her feet a third time. This time hanging helplessly upside down by her dress. 

As the Delorian bursts through a, “Bridge out ¼ mile”, sign, Marty drops the UAP, “Hover Board”,

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Then Doc slings the foot strap, stepping on, then rescuing Clara.

They glide safely off, leaving Marty future bound, alone in the Delorian,

which bursts through the foruth wall, just as it reaches the “End of Track wall”,

A sign on a train track

Description automatically generated with low confidence

leaving those famed fiery tracks suspended in the sky,

& train 131 behind to smash through the end of track sign, off the end of the bridge, exploding the bottom of the ravine.

Back to the real timeline again…

12/22/1998 Secret Of N.I.M.H 2

911 Breaches 4th wall.

11/10/2004 Polar Express Chris Van Allsburg(book), Robert Zemeckis &William Broyles Jr.(screenplay)

Uncanny Valley Factor

1/7/2005 White Noise 1 Sthis Film seems to have been purposefully made to suck & hyped to score at the box office. The purpose being to keep the sequal, a much better film, from being widely seen.

1/5/2007 White Noise 2

“Don’t go to the light” -White Noise

1/7/2013 Disneys MagicBands Unveiled.

5/8/2016 Family Guy S14- E18 Amtrack Train Disaster List

7/14/17 Runaway Railway announced @ D23 expo. “D” for Disney, and “23” represents 1923, year Walt Disney arrived in Ca, founded root of the Walt Disney Company. 

2019-2021 Noah Baumbach Reads WN/writes White Noise Screen Play 

6/18/2019 Disney’s MagicBands Monitor NBA Members During Covid

*???? Ratner & Son Act ATE IN WN- CNN

– Covid Breaches 4th Wall, Same as 911 with film syncs to, “V for Vendetta”, &, “Contagion”, among other Mainstream flics.

A person wearing glasses

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Simulating sitting in the traffic of an Airborne Toxic Event (ATE) evacuation, caused by a train derailment in Ohio, Where & when are unknown, White Noise was filmed all over. Ohio, with hundreds of extras, just a year before. If a train was bound to poison a neighborhood anywhere in the state, it was unlikely not to affect extras from the film., Son, Ben Ratner, owns a Café in Salem, where the overheated ball bearing was caught on security cam.

But Salem isn’t on the list & none seem justifiably, “right up the street” as Ratner said in a podcast interview. Here are the locations in Ohio where White Noise was shot.

Text, letter

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  1. Hiram
  2. Wellington (Storefronts are built out and set up for July filming)
  3. Canton (Central Catholic High School)
  4. Cleveland Heights
  5. Oberlin
    • Dorset (Locals are excited about filming in Dorset)
  6. Peninsula (Camp Manatoc)
  7. Cleveland (East Bank of the Flats)
  8. Berea (Baldwin Wallace University)
  9. Cleveland
  10. Jefferson (Pine Lake Raceway and Trails)
  11. Bedford (A&P Supermarket. Exteriors and Interiors.)

As Ratner tells it, he was an extra in white noise, along with his father, who wears a trench coat on an overpass in the scene.

His-story comes to us through the mainstream media and has been repeated inexhaustibly since breaking. Every interview has the reporter asking what the life imitates art experience is like and everyone seems to be using the word uncanny. He always moves the conversation to the real events, isn’t interested in exploring the strangeness. One would expect to be overwhelmed and focused in such a way. The trama is hard enough, who wants to speculate about the matrix when their entire lives are being destroyed and the destruction is being lied about By every authority. I think the most important thing Ben has said is, “It’s not entertainment anymore!”.

Story likely, but unconfirmed & again location & time are also unknown, but it was within some months that the second grand opening of Mickey & Minnie Mouse’s (3M‘s) Runaway Railway took place in Fl.

Here’s A Happy Meme..

*3/4/20 Disney World’s Mickey & Minnie Mouse Runaway Railway grand opening @ Runamuck Park, Chinese theatre, Orlando, FL 

*“Nothing can stop us! The Stars will be Our Guide”*

Graphical user interface

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Mini kick-stuffs Pluto in Trunk of Mickey’s car. Mickey hits tracks too fast, popping trunk &


Description automatically generated

ejecting Pluto & their picnic basket to the sky.

Pluto plumets back to earth with the basket & disappears for most of the show, his story in this ride is lost in white noise.

But an Unconventional Arial Pie fly’s free from the basket.

UAP then Clogs Steam Exhaust of Train Engine, causing train to speed out of control & crash.


Description automatically generated with low confidence

Magically breaching the 4thwall (the screen) lifting a dimensional vail, activating the star gate to the other side, Toon-land!

A picture containing text

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Riders cross through this Portal to the other side and meet goofy with a repaired train ready to ride. 

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Mickey & Mini meet us in a tunnel, where Mickey runs into a derailer switch sending the Goof & his engine left and our now loose train cars scattering in the opposite direction. 

Graphical user interface

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Mickey Hits a derail switch that is very reminiscent of the radar reflectors hung from balloons to distract, derail from real hostile objects that recently entered the public scene.

A picture containing text, indoor

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Through the wild west, our disk eared heroes gallop to the rescue,

Graphical user interface

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Mickey rushes ahead of Minnie and knocks of a bridge out sign while following a detour around a mountain.

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Leaving Minnie behind to cross the cursed bridge; which has eye underneath, in the dark.


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They fail to lasso us, while referring to us as cattle.


Description automatically generated with low confidence

Their lassos twist around them, whisking up a small dust devil & tying them up,

A screenshot of a video game

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as we leave them behind as vulture fodder,

Graphical user interface, website

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So we can go see more pretty lights, in the fairgrounds this time, 

A picture containing diagram

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The Mouses spy/spot us from above in a hotdog balloon, Mickey holding a Hotdog from Donalds Hotdog stand,

A picture containing graphical user interface

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They once again claim to be on their way to our rescue, but the Twister (train) roller coaster’s mascot Twister comes to life & sweeps them away like the Powerful Oz, by a twister where we see Pluto & Meece chaotically reunited in the white noise of the cyclone.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Without any explanation we find our train-cars floating down a river and quickly into rapids, & of course,

a Waterfaaahhhhllll! Plunging into the depths, where clams open shell to let out a white noise of air bubble that cannot be overstated.

Background pattern

Description automatically generated

Just one look at this frame, & the claim that one could ride a zillion times & still not catch all the hidden Mickeys suddenly makes sense.

(Nordpipeline) Next thing we know we are in a 1900s under sea brass concert, trumpets, saxaphone and flute pipes.

Pluto is torpedoed from a submarine,

& speaking of pipes, we soon get sucked up into Toontown Drain Pipes into town through a giant breakage in the pipes?

We blast through the downtown area filled with easter eggs of all sorts. Of the hundreds of vibrant spectacles to bless the visual

pallet two stand out to these eyes most.

First, we pass Donald in a dancewear delivery truck, then our first scene transition without a terrifying ending, The sign on the truck has pictures of flying dresses and the words “Tu Tu yo”… ‘You You Me’? Curious…

Graphical user interface, website

Description automatically generated

Donald seems put off that we’re delaying his delivery perhaps as we seem to have cut him off on our way into a Ballroom with Daisy, who insists we are dancing when we are not. We switch from a waltz,

 A picture containing graphical user interface

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to a conga, & our second transition without some sign of tragedy.

We are sent out to a dim, stary Toon-Town & are reminded that we are on a runaway train, when Mini screams from inside a fiery

 looking factory, begging us, Don’t go in there!


Description automatically generated

As if we could steer our derailed RR cars.

The Mouses are put through the meat grinder/gauntlet before finally shutting down the factory. One second it’s the 

inner white noise of grinding gears, slanging iron, & squealing mice, the next its crashing down around us and transforming into Runamuck Park. 

A magical stary Disney landscape accompanied by music with the lyrics,

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated with low confidence

“The stars will be our guide & nothing can stop us now!”

2/14/22 US Announces Russian forces on Ukraine Border &

2/14/22 Truckers Carry Protest torch @ US Canada Border

2/24/22 Russia Invades Ukraine

10/4/22 Russian nuclear train movement Raises Global nuke concerns.

12/8/2022 Marengo Ia Oil plant Fire

“Homer wasn’t surprised the plant, which recycled roof shingles into oil along with other products exploded.”

12/18/22 flight 1722 nose dive reported

(WNB flight 213) (Runaway Railway register 1118?)


1st Frame, Projector Rolls,

A picture containing text, outdoor

Description automatically generated
A picture containing text, outdoor

Description automatically generated

An early 1900s black & white city street seen Mirrored backwards. Giant bright letters reading Y-E-R-E backwards.

Yere means to remember, why is it backwards? is it a false memory? Is it remembering backwards, remember the future, precognition? Perhaps it’s only meant to reference deja vu, as the film will do, several times ahead.

Earlier, Murray informed us of the importance of Baba’s hair. There are two scenes where we focus on her hair. The first is quite conscious and obvious as JAG checks to see if it is her under the covers, rather than the stranger (Mr. Grey)  

from his apparent night terror, in his bed with him.

Everyone is, except perhaps the small children, a plotter in JAG’s speech about plots.

Why JAG? Could be wrong, his real initials might be JKG, even in the book it’s unclear. Don Delillo writes that JAG’s Publisher had him build the persona he wears in the form of dark glasses and an extra middle initial, but he doesn’t say A or K… a jag is a pointed object or a military lawyer.

JAG has a Jordan Peterson {JP} vibe. His fatherly decisions are made by his children. In one scene, we watch uncomfortably as JAG sinks teeth into chicken flesh. Another is a seemingly unnecessary, not book canon, new supermarket meat section scene added in the film. All the meat seeming to associate JAG with carnivores & perhaps someone like JP, who followed his daughter into the meat only diet. Look how unanswered JAG leaves his students questions, like JP when asked specific, even simple questions.

Who else could one from the 21st Century imagine going on about fear, death, crowds, the perils of plots and creating an original academic field called Hitler Studies?

What contemporary politically left eye can unsee the JP now that the faces of JAG & Hitler superimposed has passed through their retinas?

Speech key: “JAG’s speech” in quotes & image subtitles {COMMENTARY} is in cute squigly brackets.

“All plots move deathward!”

This is the nature of plots.

Politicsl plots,

“Narrative Plots.” {Hair plots?}

“We edge nearer to death every time we plot.”

{A Contract with Disney?}

{Minnie Mouse, Choreograph crowd, like daisy in the 3M’s RR, Toontown Ballroom.}

The WN Train Wreck

Near the end of a great duo speech that is paired with the train reck, Jag has told us that the crowds have come to celebrate the future dead, he raises his arms to the air as he says,

“they (crowds) came to see piers and FLAIMING WHEELES, flags dipped in salute”….. 

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated with low confidence

Flaming wheels, is a little specific for coincidence. We are told that the East Palestine derailment was caused by a faulty bearing, catching fire in the wheel of car 23 of Train 32N on 2/3/2023. Though the rails own heat sensors may disprove that claim.

Back To The Timeline In 2023

IXXI 1/9 Lake City SC Truck Collision Derail

IXXI 1/11 Chicago Chem plant explosion ATE

1/15 NE chem plant fire China 5 dead 8 missing issued death cert ATE 

1/17 CA rockslide on tracks no derail 

1/17 3miSE of Girdwood AK Snow avalanche derail 

1/19 Adam Mills to Trinway Ohio derail 

1/21 loris SC derail 

(BTTF3T 1.21JW)

Door ajar scene Frames like a smartphone video, YT Short, Portrait. “Ito T Fujitsu…121 Park A6 eg42308… siva”?

So something like, “It is T(ime?) For the Deception of, or Deception by Shiva Shiva?

Fujitsu has various meanings, but all along lines of malevolence.

*1/21 Star Dance Studio – Chinese New year – Huu Can Tran Kills Lunar New Year Ball 1 death per 12 months (1 to 1), injures-10 others.

Now there is nothing like a Highway 10 meeting an I-5 in Ohio. I-10 Meets I-5, in LA Ca. This location, if real, would have to be somewhere just east of LA. What happened in that area within a month after the White Noise film release was at a place called the Star Dance studio, the mass shooting at a Chinese New Year Ball.

Did White Noise guide him, direct him, control him? His name means one who can relieve. His first target was his ex-wife, who he met at the entrance to the Star Dance Studio.

Lai Lai means “so be it”, but in Latvian. Still not sure what it means in any Asian language fill that in in comments if you know!

It may not be of any importance though, as the address where Huu was disarmed by Brandon Tsay, which basically means, “The King”, a Dance hall employee, is more than enough to complete the circle, it is 121 Garfeild..

1/23 7/8 DEAD Halfmoon Bay 2:22pm First Location Concord Farm 4/5 Shot Dead, Second Locaation 3/3 Shot Dead. He gave himself up & claims insanity. His name, Chunli Zhao, meaning Seeker of a Beautiful Spring. Bad timing bro, hope a spring behind bars is beautiful to you.

1/23 1/8 DEAD in Litteral Music Video Rap Battle

1/27 Disney Land’s 3M Runaway Railway aka, RunAMuck Rail Road, Grand Openning.

1/27 Delaware Ohio Derail

1/28 Chinese Matrix Show Maui

1/28 Keachie LA derail & Chem Leak w/ Evac ATE

1/31 Bozrah CT chicken coup 100k hens burn ATE

(131 # of BTTF3 Train) Nobody Calls Me Chicken 1, Nobody Calls Me Chicken 2. Nobody Calls Me Chicken 3

White Noise Train # 3010

A train on the railway tracks

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

2/1 Talladega Co. Al Derail & Petrol Spill

2/1 Detroit derail overpass 

2/3 Norfolk Southern train 32N  “Bearing overheats” on car 23 E Palestine, Ohio Derail ATE  (Timeline)

Ominous Black Star on Garage in Famous Close up of EP Disaster, featured in Wikipedia article.

Image From EP Wikepedia File

2/4 Philli El Train Passenger Derail 

(El Capitoon Theatre Runaway Railway)

2/4 Chinese Balloon shot down

Chinese spy balloon and other objects shot down: What we know so far ...

Description automatically generated
A cloud in the sky

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

2/4/23 F-150 Lightning Battery Fire https://www.carscoops.com/2023/02/ford-f-150-lightning-fire-in-factory-wasnt-due-to-a-design-flaw-says-battery-maker/amp/

2/6/23 Chicago Furniture Fire https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/2023/2/6/23587551/sprawling-fire-breaks-out-in-factory-building-in-chicago-heights

2/6 E Palestine controlled burn ATE 

2/6 Chicago heits furniture wherehouse fire ATE 

2/6-2/12 Polk County FL 213 Arrested In Human Traficing 14/24 Anon Victims Illegal .

2/10 Alaska Baloon shot down 

2/11 Canada Baloon shot down 

2/11 Wayne Co NC RR Tie Fire https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/north-carolina/articles/2023-02-11/large-fire-battled-at-industrial-facility-in-north-carolina

2/12  Russian Hexoid/Octoid Balloon Radar Decoys Spotted Over Ukraine

2/12 UA2217 & other swan dive NEWS BREAKS

(WNB American “two one three” 22Kft dive/recover)

2/12 Doral Fl Covanta Energy Facility Fire

2/12 Lake Huron High Altitude Octogon sighted 11th downed 12th 1st missile missed. -Wiki.

2/12 Enoree SC derail 

2/13 Train hits Truck  Derail & minor chem spill US59 & Midline RD Splendora  Houston Engine 6518

1 person dead after crash causes train to derail at US 59 in Splendora – YouTube

*2/14 I-10 Truck spill nitric 

The V Day Crowd 

Tucson I-10 ATE – YouTube

The first time it says, “…head for the boyscout camp, on highway 10, called Camp Daffodil.” Strangely the words, “highway 10” don’t appear in the closed captions. There is no Boyscout camp called “Camp Daffodil” anywhere and no highway 10 in Ohio.


Description automatically generated

Runaway Railway told us, “The Stars Will Be Our Guide”!

The only clear text seen on the train tanks that can be seen is on the tank car that slams into the truck from the side in a close up. and the numbers match the date of Feb, 14 2022 backwards; a date long before the film’s release, but in the same year, and a year later would be the date of The Valentines Day Big-Rig Nitric Acid ATE in Tuscon AZ.

22412 is Feb 14 2022 backwards

A picture containing graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

2/15  Russian Hexoid/Octoid Balloon Radar Decoys Downed Over Kyiv 

A picture containing outdoor, sky, snow, nature

Description automatically generated

2/16 Detroit Derail

2/16 nursery pots plastic fire Kissimmee FL ATE Kissimmee FL Nursery ATE -YT

2/19 Simpsons S34 E13 Homer breaches 4th wall to a Hitch Hikersguide 2 Galaxy yarn/knitted universe Simulated Railway, real fire Springfield by Derailment. https://t.co/rC9dDBlBoB

2/19 Philidelphia Pa, Pipe bomb on tracks behind curch.

2/20 Stanislaus County CA Derail 

2/20 Metal Plant X2 Explosions Bedford Ohio 

2/20 Presidents Day, Biden takes 10hr Train ride to Kieve, Ukrane

Let’s go through this a couple times… President Joe Biden told Russia about his secret, planned surprise visit to Ukraine, but lied to the public about it. Who was he afraid of exactly? Why lie to the public if Russians were warned to avoid an accidental Nuclear World War 3? It seems that the Whitehouse was sure no incident would take place, but used the opportunity to make said POTUS look brave. The president Derailed from usual security measures when he took a, claimed “high risk”, 10hr rail ride, two ways in combat territory, the US Military did not have control. He was said to be on the ground a total of a convenient 23hrs, for a photo opportunity with Zelinsky. 

Open photo

The photo opportunity setting was the Disney Castle like Arch Angel Michael’s Cathedral. Paying ceremonial respect to the Ukraine war’s fallen, we se the two leaders backdropped by a mural. That mural sets in front of the, “Back To The Future”, reminiscent Bell & Clock tower that they just came out of; the tower is completely left out in media coverage. Open photo

Symbolic sidenote… The clock tower also resonates with supposed Jesus’ tomb, having archways topped by chevrons, just below the clocks on all 4 sides. The Clock itself has 8 points, making it reflect the Cuneiform symbol for the sky God An/Anu. The same is seen on the ground at the Vatican, and cryptically referred to in the 1985 WN book, through the two times it uses the word Carolla. Sun of God/Sun God, Christ bearing Messiah symbolism as Christopher Lloyd has always portrayed… (See BTTF 911 ROSWELL JFK) And now Biden is seemingly positioned in this place. Like Doc plugging two electric lines together, not to preserve the tower, but the future. Here via bribes and gestures, Biden strengthens US ties to Ukraine, not necessarily for the future of Ukraine, but for whatever desired future outcome “They” prefer, by appearing to do so.

 Christopher Lloyd, we know, is well into a struggle with dementia, & it is a tragic contemporary joke that the Current President of the United States began his own struggle with the same, before swearing into the position of POTUS. We can see that our dementia ridden president is in front of a giant clock tower, but only by familiarity with the architecture, seeing some outside coverage of the premises; making the clock tower unconscious content for most. Is this a sign that the Arch angel Michael Cathedral in Kyiv will be destroyed in the coming days of war? Perhaps at least, the clocks stopped, as in Back to the future? Perhaps it will even stop @ the prophetic ?1?0:?4?1?

If this all seems terribly far off to the reader, it is recommended one research the well established connections between Biden’s…  I mean Doc’s nemesis, & Donald Trump, that is, Biff Tannin! Hollywood’s portrayal of a antagonistic Tump type, vs an equally unrealistic portrayal of a heroic Biden, is all too convenient for the so often accused of being in bed with Hollywood left.

Considering Adam Driver’s role in Star Wars, it isn’t without reason it shall here be considered, the Star Wars, Rebel Alliance like symbolism that seems to appear here, as the emblem of Kyiv. Logo

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(This is all to say nothing of the Hunter Biden controversy that seems to involve China, Russia & Ukraine.) 

Finally, considering the sentimental feelings he expresses throughout this reunion & Biden’s long history with Ukraine, its hard not to see some similarity to another, seemingly more genuine reunion between our time heroes. Open photoOpen photo

2/21 Nebraska derail https://youtu.be/zzbXFfzo8E4 

2/21 Medley, Fl welding Co. Fire 2 dead 2 injured https://www.local10.com/news/local/2023/02/21/large-fire-burns-at-industrial-site-in-medley/ 

2/21 Doral, Fl Garbage fire waste plant https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/miami/news/fire-at-county-waste-collection-site-in-doral/ 

2/21 Putin pulls from New Arms Treaty 

2/22 Orlando FL 3/5 Shot Dead, 19yo Kills Woman & 9 year old, returns to shoot journalists.

2/22/ 12:02pm 5 CTEH scientists (some involved with E Palestine chem testing) headed to chem test Bedford metal factory fire, killed in Plane departed Clinton crashed near the 3M Plant railroad depot, Little Rock 2/24/23 9:59pm 5 killed in plane crash, Stagecoach Nevada medical transport. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2023/02/25/us/nevada-care-flight-plane-crash/index.html

2/23 Update 32N EP ATE Over 43K Fish

2/23 Derail near Chedeline Middle School Corvallis OR 

2/25 Montecito Ca Fire in Fire Station Chimney

*2/27 Deer Park TX Molecular Toxic Water Over Capacity

2/28 Derail 5 Cars, 2 Petrol Gass/Propane, Near Homeless Camp & SRQ airport, FL 

Questions: Numbers? Rail workers @ Norfolk Southern train 32N prior breakdown?

2/28 Greece 300+Passenger Train Headon w/ Cargo Train, 50ish Dead, Station Master Arrested, Protests and police violence followed.

3/1 Buffalo Ny DC Theatrics Costume Shop Fireman Down

3/2 Cedar rapids Ia Grain Plant Fire

3/3 Cartel attacks 5ppl, 2/4 American’s Dead

3/4 Camp Wa Cincinnati Oh Reliable Castings Fire

3/4 Kochi Ia Brahmapuram Waste Plant Fire

3/4 Springfeild Ohio Derailment, Sheltered placed! Violent derailment.. Meta De Javu! Springfield Ohio shelter in place order!

3/4 Fuel Tanker explosion lights sewer fire

3/?-8 Three Dead Deer in East Palestine

3/8 Sandstone WV Train Derail, Diesel Spill In New River

3/9 Iron City Al Train Derail Norfolk Hours Before First East Palestine Senate Hearing.

3/10 5 Cartel Henchmen Handed Over to US as apology for Attack on 3/3https://youtu.be/38gf2_FGFD0

3/10 9 Boxes Classified Docs Siezed From Biden’s Lawyer