Meet the 0ztar Bunny, short for the zero and one Easter rabbit.

To translate these words from different cultures around the world into a sentence….
The beautiful balance point is a shell of zero & a full spectrum of illusory separation from nothingness in the observers silent eye.

The Egyptian NEFER is the rabbits nose. It means beautiful, ballance and zero.
The Mayan XIXIM (pronounced shishim) is the right eye. It is a conch shell which stands for zero.
The sanscrit (Hindu) Maya is the mouth. Teeth have been added to represent the spectrum of light. Maya means illusion of separation.
The Sanscrit (Hindu) TURIAH (or Shunia) is appropriately depicted as the third eye dot on the forehead. It is the fourth state of consciousness, namely unconsciousness, silence.
The Hebrew AYIN is represented in two versions, as the fish shaped outline of the rabbits head (fish tail = rabbit ears) and the left eearsThe latter is a glyph of an eye and Ayin is a silent letter.

The mouth also represents creation or existence via the word

“God spoke and there was light.”

Thus the light spectrum as teeth.

The dot (Turiah) is also the rabbit hole. The gateway to the Self. The History Channel tells us that the Ancient Egyptians depicted the stars in the constellation of Lepus (our rabbitt) as the boat which Osiris (the Sun) or Ra (our Orion) stood upon, in his nightly journey through the underworld. This boat, “History Channel” also tells us, might actually be a cryptic depiction of a wormhole, etched by ancient aliens or familial likenesses to wormhole travel that primitive humans observed.

Interestingly enough the wormhole theory is as myth as the supposed ancient constellation arrangement of Ra’s Boat being in the local of the modern Lepus. Turns out these are modern star lore about ancient star lore, mele mythology, Rabid holes about wormholes within within rabid holes. Babushka!

Amazingly, along with the rabbit and dimensional gateway symbolism here, the Hebrew, Egyptian and Mayan symbols draw a familiar illustration. That of Easter eggs.

SYNCPHANY is a blog all about these types of coincidences. I use the term acausal syncretism to refer to them. Acausal syncretism is akin to synchronicity, but separate in time and space where synchronicity requires relatively close proximity in time and space between events. Instances where separate fields of thought accidentally merge together through meaning and symbolism, transcending or violating the bounds of time and space. You can read more about zero and one Here @ ICHTHYOS 3, NUN 0/1 and God’s Mysterious Pencil.

Or browse through the menu to find many other incredible connections of meaning and symbol, that subjectively transcend the bounds of time and space.

Happy Easter, Ishtar, or East Star, from the 0ztar Bunny, ViGiL and

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