I’m going to tell you the truth. I’m going to say it in one word at the end of this Blablog. But, if you don’t know what the split screen experiment is, you will not understand and will probably repel, the truth.
According to split screen Theory, any event of existence, manifestation or actuality can only take place upon observation.
 Nothing exists until it is seen or sensed. 
If no one ever observes the truth, is there one?
Often two people who experience the same event will remember it differently.
It was a short-lived peace of mind when photographs were worth a thousand words, because everyone knew memory is fallible. 

Enter photoshop.
Back to the truth. 

Back to reality.
Reality is pure potential. Reality is. Reality is False. Not a possible Actuality. 
In physics, there are an infinite number of secondary variables for an un-numbered amount of dials for setting the “laws” of the universe, at which we would not exist.
There is only one setting for each of those unnumbered “laws”, where we can, and do, exist. The actual only exists because we observe.
(Read carefully here)

Actuality is Experienced when Reality (Infinity / Eternity [the lifetime of the Allmighty]) becomes (collapsed into the [lifetime of man]) Observed (fragment of Reality) into finitude. 
Actual facts can be known, but the Truth cannot.
The Truth is False. False because its a misnomer. Its Truly irrelevant. 

Truth is Myth.
Whatever a believer believes, is true, because everything is false. 
It is not there any more than not.
It is here and there and not,

and all the above.
If you skipped to the end to see “The Truth”, the truth is I lied, I wrote the Truth three paragraphs above this (at the end), the end of this blablog.