Inspired by the synchromistic videos by Joe Alexander (barleyhuman11 on YouTube) And Apophania productions on Back To The Future.

Most recently “Back To The Future Predicts 911“.


Marty McFly is a name of dual polarity. That is two separate sets of opposites.

McFly, believe it or not means peaceful man of dark complexion, though Marty himself is white. When combined with the long version of his first name,
‘MARTIN’, there is only one person in all of fiction and non fiction that could be brought to mind. Namely the American civil rights leader Martin Luther King (1929-1968).

The name Martin is from the Roman name Martinus, which was derived from Martis, the genitive case of the name of the Roman god MARS. Mars, the Roman god of War. So here is the second dichotomy in the name of the main character in Back To The Future. Marty is then a double Yin yang, war and peace, dark and light.

The name Martin’s popularity began in the Christian world with a Saint.
Saint Martin of Tours was a 4th-century bishop who is the patron saint of France. According to legend, he came across a cold beggar in the middle of winter so he ripped his cloak in two and gave half of it to the beggar. He was a favourite saint during the Middle Ages, and his name has become common throughout the Christian world.

Split his cloak in two, as is the theme as yet laid out, dark and light. And we will find the cloak is already present in back to the future. But o with ‘martin’ for now.

Other influential, Christians of the name were the first Martin Luther (1483-1546), who began the Protestant Reformation and was the Martin MLK was named after, and five popes (two of them more commonly known as Marinus). Of course there are many more Margins in history including the German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976), and the American filmmaker Martin Scorsese (1942-).

The latest Martin was a zebra in the animated movie “Madagascar”. Not only does he resonate the same bipolar identity issues as McFly by his black and white stripes, but he makes it conscious via the following quote,

“I don’t know if I’m black with white stripes or white with black stripes”

And Marty Mcfly is not only associated with the Yin Yang via his name, a cartoon character and the historical MLK, but the actor who plays him shares his initials with the recently passed MJ, the “King of Pop”, who wrote a song specifically about, and actually transitioned from, black to white. To top it off the charachter Marty McFly shares initials with a current rap star… A white man in a predominantly black industry, raised in a black culture neighborhood, who writes often in his music about his struggle as such. Namely the great “wigger” himself M&M.

Just to confound it all and, at the same TIME, get BACK TO the names of his associates in back to the FUTURE, it should now be mentioned that Marty’s girlfriend continues the Yin Yang and civil rights thread of syncs.

Jennifer Parker means fair park keeper or parked fair one.

Jennifer – Fair one
Parker – Park keeper.

What does that have to do with the Yin Yang theme?

It is instructive to think of her continual perdicament in the trillogy. She always stays put. like a black woman who became famous for demanding fair treatment for paying equal fares. Rosa Parks to be specific. As fair as a rose. Both parks, both fair, one way or another, while again one is black, the other white.

It is not only Jennifer of Marty’s main two associates in the story, but also, another doctorate like Dr. MLK, Doc Brown, or should it be Dark Brown?

The color brown is usually thought of as dark but the definition of this word is dark yet shining!

Now his first name is Hebrew,
Emmett means truth.

A dark yet shining truth is what we are alerted to by this trilogy through the eyes of apophania. Doc brown holds the truth or as barelyhuman11 put it, “the higher intelligence”. Higher as in towers. Doc is a tower of truth, an original 911 truther. He represents the destruction of the towers in being shot by terrorists. A tower rooted in truth and knowledge. This brings closure to the question of why only the clock tower. Where is its twin? Doctor Emmett Brown is the second tower.

Combining the meaning of his name with that of Marty and Jennifer, we have now a tree of knowledge of good and evil.
This leads to the meaning of Doc’s girlfriends name. It gives us clarity amidst muddy water, and robs us of a formerly innocent view of the world around us.

Clara Clayton

Clara means clarity and
Clayton, clay town. After her a ravine is named. At least in the original timeline. The Clayton Ravine, or gully, which means violent mugging (from 1350) or Rushing Water. Rushing water relates us back to the Garden, via its two converging rivers, and the ability to change the future, ie Doc Brown’s Flux, the flow, which looks much like two converging rivers. But it is the violent mugging that will take us to…

Biff Tannen

Biff Tannen is as perfect a name for a villain as any. Tannen is also Hebrew and means serpent, while Biff means hit or strike. So here we have the serpent to go in the tree. And this makes his grandsons name redundant. And his ancestors name informative.

Mad Dog Tannen

First, Biff’s great, great, so on and so forth, grandfather is Mad Dog Tannen. Mad dog serpent? Well if the readers are familiar with “The Sirius Mystery” then they will understand clearly. As in that book the author makes it clear that Sirius, aka The Dog Star, was also know as the serpents tooth. Thus the bite of a mad dog serpent is rendered from the Tannen liniage of name meanings.
But what of Griff?

Griff Tannen

Griff is from Griffin which means hook nosed.

There is actually a mythological snake-griff or griffin snake. But check out the stats, from wiki, on a real snake called the hook nosed snake!
“Gyalopion canum Cope, 1860
Ficimia cana – Garman, 1883
Gyalopion canum – Stebbins, 1985

Gyalopion canum, commonly known as theWestern hooknose snake, … It is sometimes referred to as the Chihuahuan [chihuahua=dog] hook-nosed snake …

The Western hooknose snake is a small species, growing to 36.5 cm [365 = time] (14 3⁄8 in) in total length. They are gray or grayish brown in color, with 25-48 dark brown or black blotches down their back,[3] and a cream-colored [fair, light] underside. They have a slightly upturned snout, which gives them their common name.

The smooth dorsal scales are arranged in 17 rows at midbody.[4]

Back to the name Griff…

The name Griff may seem at first thought, to be taken from the Griffin tunnel where Biff and Marty play a game of steal the almanac, metaphorically fighting for the higher intelligence. And Although Grifith means red, and what better color for an antagonistic serpent or Satan, red is also the meaning of the Hebrew ‘Adam’. A deeper look will bring even more light to the meaning of this barer of light resonating character. But first lets fit in;

George Mcfly

George means filler of soil or farmer. This is what Adam (red) and thus man was cursed to do for consuming the forbidden fruit. It is obviously well related to Clayton, and Parker (muddy water and park keaper. George is a dark, peaceful farmer.

Back to Griff again.

Griff can also be used as short for Grifter which also means serpent.

Let’s take a detailed look at words associated with Griff.

griffin (n.) c. 1200 (as a surname), from Old French grifon “a bird of prey,” also “fabulous bird of Greek mythology” (with head and wings of an eagle, body and hind quarters of a lion, believed to inhabit Scythia and guard its gold), named for its hooked beak, from Late Latin gryphus, misspelling of grypus, variant of gryps (genitive grypos) “griffin,” from Greek gryps (genitive grypos) “a griffin or dragon,” literally “curved, hook-nosed” (opposed to simos). 

The very root of the word may well be in the Hebrew ‘cherubim’. The Angelica figures posted on either side of God’s place on the Ark of the covenant.
Klein suggests a Semitic source, “through the medium of the Hittites,” and cites Hebrew kerubh “a winged angel,” Akkadian karibu, epithet of the bull-colossus (see cherub). The same or an identical word was used in mid-19c. Louisiana to mean “mulatto” (especially one one-quarter or two-fifths white) and in British India from 1793 to mean “newly arrived European,” probably via notion of “strange hybrid animal”.

grifter (n.) “confidence trickster,” 1906, carnival and circus slang, probably an alteration of grafter (see graft (n.2); also compare grift). Gradually extended to “any non-violent criminal.

graft (v.) late 15c., “insert a shoot from one tree into another,” from graft (n.1). Figurative use by 1530s. Surgical sense by 1868. Related: Grafted; grafting.

Biff creates an offshoot, an alternate timeline for himself, while Griff remains belligerent and oblivious. So too is the so called Griffin from Harry potter whose head is a shoot from one animal inserted into another’s body. He is bolligerent towards strangers who get to close and oblivious to his own looming execution.
hippogriff (n.) also hippogryph, 1650s, from French hippogriffe (16c.), from Italian ippogrifo, from Greek hippos “horse” (see equine) + Italian grifo, from Late Latin gryphus “griffin” (see griffin). A creature part griffin, but with body and hind parts in the form of a horse.

This creature has quite a mythological family tree.
From the Sphinx, its likely origin, to the pegasus. And as will be shown later, it is well worth a familiarization.

Lorraine Baines

Finally we come to Marty’s mother. With whom he has a very Freudian encounter.

Gained means 1. Bones 2. White 3. Bath.

By now the word white should be self explanatory for the reader, but even this synchromystic researcher/writer has not yet found where the concept of washed white bones fits in exactly.

Perhaps the continuation of this blog will reveal the place for this puzzle piece.

Meanwhile the name Lorain is from the Roman word for victory. It is the same as the meaning of delorean, The victory! That is as far as we will go for now, having finished with the main character names in Back to the Future.

In the next blog the delorean will bring us back to the Griffin via Serpent and believe it or not… Hair!